I am myself
and there is this program which exists in relationship to myself
it's tracking my actions
and learning to be just like me

what a beautiful man
oh, such feeling

there's no surrogate for myself
which by tracking my actions
can learn the very subtleties of me

it's what you're doing
when you do
what you're doing

I am myself
and I am a person who exists in relationship to myself
I'm watching my actions
and making judgments on every move

there he goes again
won't you look at him go again

although it's awkward
even predatory
I wonder if I wouldn't be better
off-loading my self-consciousness to a program

well, if I didn't have to read any terms & conditions
and it automatically updated itself

well... ooh yeah!


from Consensus Reality : the musical (album + video), released May 19, 2016
POG Guitar: Matt Kalb
Synth Drums, Keybs, Wood, Cutlery: Robert Biggers
Synth Bass: Bob Wall
Vocals: Neill Prewitt

Recorded by Matt Kalb, Robert Biggers + Neill Prewitt
Mixed by Robert Biggers + Matt Kalb
Lyrics: Neill Prewitt
Music: Neill Prewitt + Le Weekend



all rights reserved


Gabrielle Duggan + Neill Prewitt Raleigh, North Carolina

Visual artists Duggan + Prewitt have collaborated to create Consensus Reality.

Duggan’s work draws on a foundation in textiles and fashion to explore identity through space and image construction.

Prewitt’s music explores the internal process of making meaning through narrative, while his videos contextualize that performance within a world of storytellers.
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